The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres are specially made for premium SUVs providing you excellent braking, handling and comfort.


Wet Grip and Safety

  • #1 in wet braking tests
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern: External part for dry conditions, internal part for wet roads
  • “Dynamic response” technology: a hybrid belt made of Aramid and Nylon for an optimised driving precision
  • Groove design mastered to rigidify the tread pattern and provide grip under lateral solicitation
  • Tread pattern stiffness with optimised notches for excellent braking on dry roads
  • New compound mix with specific innovative “functional elastomers” and thin Silica for excellent grip and braking on wet roads


SUV Dedicated Robustness

  • Rigid blocks on the tread pattern optimized for longevity
  • High density double casing for tyre robustness
  • Rim protector available on all dimensions
  • Excellent longevity


Comfort to Enhance Driving Pleasure

  • Tread design and tyre architecture optimized to improve comfort and grip


Michelin Premium Touch Tyre Sidewall Design

  • An appealing finish for your SUV: distinct Michelin premium touch design on the tyre sidewall