Designed for mid-sized passenger vehicles,delivering Maximum Wet Grip, Maximum Control and Maximum Braking Ability. the new Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyre was developed to provide drivers with increased peace of mind and shorter braking distances, particularly when driving in the rain. HYDROGRIP Technology allows drivers to reduce braking distances by more than 2 meters on wet roads compared to other tyre in the market today




HYDROGRIP Technology

Reduces braking distances by more than 2 meters on wet roads


Functionalized Polymer Tread Compound for Maximum Wet Grip

An innovative functionalized polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding gives the Assurance TripleMax the extra edge to take grip to a whole new level on wet and dry roads.


Wide Face Cavity for Maximum Control

Larger surface area contact and optimized pressure distribution on key block elements on the Assurance TripleMax tyre improves rubber contact with the road, giving drivers more control during braking.


Biting Edge Large Blocks for Maximum Braking Ability

Equipped with biting edges with large block elements, the new Assurance TripleMax tyre has an increased road contact area for extra security when braking.


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